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May 08

So our team has been visiting different fulfillment centers in the metro NYC area. Thus far we have looked at a number of centers (in fact, just one yesterday!) and have been rating each location on a number of metrics including:

  1. Do they resonate with our mission?
  2. How responsive is their customer service?
  3. Who are some of their other clients?
  4. How orderly are their facilities?

Collectively, these elements will help us determine if there is an opportunity to create a really special, long term partnership. Here is a picture we took of Iris yesterday at one of our site visits. =)


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One Response to “Looking for Fullfilment Center in Brooklyn”

  1. Makale Says:

    We met two years ago at the BALLE conference in Colorado (manufacturer’s day). I’m currently looking for a fulfillment center for my artisan home and kitchenwares stock and am wondering if you can recommend a fulfillment house here in NYC (or metro area). Many thanks and if it’s easier to talk on the phone or meet over coffee, that’s great by me too. I’d love to hear how you’ve been doing! All best, MakalĂ© (Lore Artisan Goods Company, LLC) 718-781-2097

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