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Alastair Honored to Speak at NFTE for a Second Year In A Row! GSS Participates in Reduce Reuse Re-imagine Recycled Art Exhibit in Salt Lake City
Aug 31

Students at Fordham University giving Alastair a standing ovation

Students at Fordham University give Alastair a Standing Ovation!

Fordham University has implemented a new minor in sustainability.  Now students can get a minor degree and learn about triple-bottom line businesses.  Due to the explosion of social conscious businesses, we believe that this is an encouraging sign and a forward-looking move on behalf of Fordham University.

Dr. Michael Pirson is heading up this new department, and in his inaugural class, has invited Alastair to speak.  Alastair spent 15 minutes fiddling unsuccessfully with his PowerPoint presentation, and ultimately abandoned the technology  portion of his presentation and gave an hour-long moving and inspiring talk from the cuff.

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