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Feb 24

Iris is traveling in Lima, Peru for about 10 days and we’re looking forward to hearing her reports when she gets back to the United States. Among other things, she will be visiting with a few villages while there.

Let us know if there are locations she should be visiting at

Feb 20

A friend sent us this video today where Giannina from shows how one can make sandals from old bike tires!

Feb 19

So we’ve been counting our good fortune with friends this past week and have been busy looking at different 100% recycled packaging options. Stay tuned for details and let us know what your thoughts are!group-picture

Feb 14

green-valentines-day-rosesHere are some interesting statistics from American Greetings:

  • 1 billion valentines are sent each year globally
  • 25% of all seasonal cards are valentines, making it the 2nd largest card-sending holiday (behind Christmas)
  • Over 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold annually
  • 10% of engagements happen on this day

The 1 billion cards would stretch around the world 5 times! Green Living Tips has some great ideas including making a card using recycled or natural materials. Read more on their site!

Image comes from:

Feb 13

Our story is told in this 1.4 minutes video posted by today.

GreenSoul Shoes featured in

GreenSoul Shoes featured in

Feb 12

I understand the phrase “global citizenship” much more deeply today than I did a few years ago. My teammates and I have traveled different paths in a  diverse global environment and we have come to better understand our commonalities.

A large part of the reason why we are doing GreenSoul Shoes is to share with others our journey to better understand the phrase, “global citizenship.”  I suppose one way of defining it is to take a macro view of the world and the planet that we live in. Take a look at this video and let us know what you think.

Feb 12

We are starting to get people sending us messages asking if they can help get the word out (and we love it!). Below are two from the same person, Celeste, one from her Cantonese meetup group and one as a badge on her personal blog site.

Thank you for your vote of confidence and we hope that others follow! Send us screenshots of your badge and we will be sure to post it here–the more creative the better! Here are some creative ones to get you thinking!

**Update: Celeste writes back:

Xie Xie Knee! Merci Beaucoup! Gracias! Danke Schoen! Arigato! Grazie! Obrigado! Daw Jie!



Feb 10

We got this video from Colt USA – Cambodian Organization for the Learning and Training- via our staffer Lyel’s friend Talia who works with them. Thanks for sharing. More here.