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Jan 19

Alastair’s success with GreenSoul Shoes’ business plan pitches has been recognized. In addition to giving several seminars on how to improve your business pitch, The Brooklyn Business Center (a part of St. Nicks Alliance) is hosting a live webinar of Alastair showing his tips and secrets on what makes a great presentation. If you are interested in improving your elevator pitch or if you are pitching VC’s for funding, you don’t want to miss Alastair.  Oh, and it’s completely free, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Click here to register for the free live webinar on Tuesday January 25, 2011 at noon.

Jan 11

Our very own fearless leader, Alastair Ong got invited to speak at TEDx (Manhattan). You can view his invite clicking here. Although he was initially honored, he was intimidated by the invitation. You get to speak for 18 minutes about any topic so long as it inspires.

Please respond to this blog if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments. If you’ve spoken at a TED event, then please do respond.

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