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Aug 31

overviewbanner_2GreenSoul Shoes was honored to be a top semi-finalist for the’s Boost Your Business business plan competition.  Winning this competition would allow us to expand our reach to local artisans, add new sandal models, and increase our shoes distribution. Children in the PhilippinesWith your support and vote, we are confident we can reach the final round.

The voting process is easy:

1) Click the following link:
2) select GreenSoul Shoes;

3) put in your email and verification code;
4) click the confirmation link in your email;
5) Send this email to your friends

Voting ends on September 30th, 2009.  Vote for us today!

Aug 23

GreenSoul Shoes

So earlier this week, we donated the first batch of shoes to school children from the Philippines Christian Foundation in Navotas City, Philippines. The children were really excited and the school had them perform a thank you dance for us. Overwhelmingly, the people are excited to have us join them in their community and we are excited to work with them.

The location was set in a community of 500 to 1000  folks who lived in a local cemetery which was kind of macabre as there were open graves which were waiting to be reused.

There was also a section of housing built on stilts that extended into the water–the living conditions were still extremely rough and many sections of the bamboo floors were coming apart–making it important to look where you placed your foot.

By the time we left, we had over a hundred smiling faces and a community that had something new to celebrate. It has been a great week for our team over at GreenSoul Shoes and we are pretty excited about next steps!

More pictures here: