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Jul 31

Our fearless leader, Alastair was interviewed by Liz and Joan Hamburg for their WOR 710AM radio show, “LaunchPad.” We were pleasantly surprised by especially Liz Hamburg, who was the motivating factor in getting GSS featured for this radio show. She really did her homework and asked all of the perfect question, making Alastair’s job so easy – he looks so purrrrtey. Click here to listen to the interview with Alastair:

2006joan-lizLaunchpad is heard live every Monday morning at 12:40 pm.

“Serial entrepreneur” Liz Hamburg and her mother Joan Hamburg bring you inspiring stories from small business owners and entrepreneurs. Hear directly Everything from those who are just starting out to the many who have already made it. All of them have war stories to share and tips of what to do and not to do. Launchpad also offers expert advice on how to finance your business, how to market it, how to deal with employees, health insurance and lots of other important topics.

Jul 23

GreenSoul Shoes was invited to give a lecture on Social Entrepreneurship to high school kids from the Prep to Prep program in New York City.  These bright and outgoing kids have been picked after a rigorous selection process for a 14-month long after school program.  The program covers from advance academics to personal development.  During this summer, they are focusing on creating their own business plan.  Their business ideas range from a service to convert analog media to digital media for the non-techies to selling vintage dresses.  We could see how driven they were!  we have no doubt that they will be our future leaders and successful businessmen/women.


Jul 14

We really care about wasteful packaging. Check out this posting by treehugger on one of the worst packaging ideas ever:


Since we view our friends and supporters as important partners  in our new venture, we need your help in deciding which packaging we should use. Click here:

Check back in a week when we post the results!

Jul 05

So about half a month ago, we announced a contest to find the packaging design for our shoebox. Today, we are happy to announce our winner: Meg Sullivan. She was a class of 2008 graphic design student at Yale, where she was also on the crew team for four years. Today, she works as a graphic designer in Norwalk, CT.

She tells us she loves design, photography, rowing, adventures, and all things funny, odd, colorful, or serene.

Check out her other designs here.