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Jun 30
Hi, my name is Yvonne Wang, and I the current Miss Earth New York. In July, I will be representing New York in the Miss Earth United States pageant in Las Vegas. This pageant system advocates environmental awareness and advocacy, and the winner will go onto the international Miss Earth competition in the Philippines.

So we are excited to announce that Yvonne Wang will be representing us as Miss Earth New York at the United States pageant in Las Vegas. The pageant advocates environmental awareness and advocacy through the power of broadcasting and media campaigns. Miss Earth is the third largest beauty pageant in the world, behind Miss Universe and Miss World, in terms of the number of national-level competitions.  Its major project “I Love Planet Earth School Tour,” teaches and distributes educational aides for school children.

Thanks Yvonne!


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Jun 15


So its been two weeks since our NPR piece ( and I just wanted to say that things are good! Here’s a clip from the article which focused on the green (but not the give). I guess we do have quite a few different elements to our business to talk about!

“Stephen Chen pushes some boxes around his tiny Manhattan office looking for a place to sit. Then he perches on the edge of a desk and takes out a pair of dark rubber sandals. They’re “100 percent recycled post-consumer use” sandals made out of tires, Chen says.

Chen, 26, is a partner at a company called GreenSoul Shoes. He’s scrupulously polite, though he stops to look at his BlackBerry every chance he gets. Chen grew up in the Bronx — a math wiz who went to Brown. He later landed a job at Bear Stearns. He loved the intense competition of the place, and he would have stayed, but then one weekend last year, Bear Stearns collapsed.”

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