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Mar 22


So we have been busy working on our business plan for The Green Business Competition to promote emerging green businesses in New York.

The competition will reward investment funds to companies that “have the ability to revolutionize their industry by working with our ecological resources while creating economic opportunities.”

Sounds like us! In other news, we have been taking resumes for 10 week internships, anyone interested? We  have had about half-a dozen requests so far!

Mar 09

We spent the weekend at Brown at the “Sustaining Social Entrepreneurship” conference hosted by noted academic  Shirley Brice Heath.  She is a Professor of English and Dramatic Literature and a linguistic anthropologist whose primary interests are innovation in learning, business, health, race relations and organizational learning.

Our team was asked to talk about our experiences on the complexities of social

We spoke about the value of social capital and its link to underlying economic prosperity. More to come!

Mar 02

Our teammate Iris wrote us today from Lima, Peru:

Greeting from Lima! As my trip is approaching to its end, I had the opportunity to visit the market place in Lima called La Parada, where I had the opportunity to chat with local street-stand business owners selling ojotas. The great news is the shoes have a thinner, lighter, more flexible sole. They also have a variety of models which I am bringing back to test on the streets of New York [...] I am off to the beach now!  -Iris.


Just for fun, since Iris was not able to attach pictures of the sandals she found in Lima, I decided to do a youtube video on ojotas.

This is a very funny commercial sponsored by El Commercio which is Peru’s biggest newspaper and their series in Invincible Brands, highlighting Nike, Coca Cola, etc.