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Dec 23

Sam putting labels on our 100% recycled boxes

Ready, Willing and Able is the mantra at the Doe Fund.  The Doe Fund is an amazing organization.  Its mission is to, “develop programs to empower formerly homeless and low-income individuals.” GreenSoul Shoes is proud to partner with the Doe Fund for all of our fulfillment operations.  We showed them the basics about our products and they were off leading the rest!

From receiving our shipment of sandals, counting them, sorting through orders, packing and shipping them out, the Doe Fund worked tirelessly to complete and send out our first shipment. Hurray!

GreenSoul Shoes package

We are hoping you will notice the little things–like the fact that our box is made 100% from recycled paper (and is 100% recyclable) and the physical box is used for both packaging and shipping to reduce waste.  The end caps are made of recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.  Our bags that are used the store the shoes are made from airline’s seat headrest (no worries, these have been properly washed).  And of course, our sandals are made from 100% recycled rubber from tires and inner tubes.

We are proud of our product.  Just like the Doe Fund, we are ready, willing and able to tackle more ways to produce awesome products mindful of our environment and to create multiple ways to give back.

One step closer to shoeing 1 million children in 5 years. Thank you for your support!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Alastair, Stephen and Iris.

Dec 01

Join the Global Giving Circle and GreenSoul Shoes on Wednesday, December 16th at 7pm for their first annual holiday party and gift emporium, ChrismaHanuKwanzakah: A Holiday Anxiety-Relief Spectacular at Galapagos Arts Space in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Each ticket includes a glass of white/red wine or a non-alcoholic beverage.

Get your tickets today via:

For each ticket purchased via this link, you will receive a $10 off* towards your purchased of a pair of GreenSoul Sandals at the event.  Dont’ miss this opportunity

*your $10 off coupon will be emailed to you before the event

Entertainment for the evening will be provided by improv geniuses – members of the fearless Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They will take the audience’s tales of holiday dysfunction and make them a springboard for hilarity.

The improvised skits will be inspired by awkward family holiday moments, worst gifts ever received and other experiences that make the holidays “cringe-worthy.”

Ticket sales will benefit Urban Arts Partnership, a non-profit organization that provides arts programs to underserved inner city public schools in New York.

In addition to the evening’s performances, the Global Giving Circle will solve your holiday shopping needs with their classy gift emporium: Global Gifts That Matter.  You will find a lively mix of well-made, thoughtfully sourced holiday gifts that make a difference in the world. The gifts include jewelry, handicrafts, organic chocolates, 100% handmade recycled sandals, bags, purses, candles, curiosities and much more.

With prices ranging from $10 – $100, it’s never been this easy to make a loved one happy AND make the world a better place!

Can’t make it or want to get your shopping done before December 16th, please visit the GGC’s online gift shop at

For more information on the Global Giving Circle please visit: