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Laurence Yang has agreed to become GSS’ spokesmodel! The New York EDC has invited our own Alastair Ong to become a NYC Venture Fellow!
Jun 29
Website that helps start-ups! is an amazing website that helps start-ups by interviewing entrepreneurs who have started a company but have not received institutional investments yet.  Alastair was honored when Justin Hong asked to interview him, and you can hear it here:  The interview was supposed to last 20 - 25 minutes, but I think they went over 30 minutes - Alastair can never be accused of having a shortage of things to say!

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One Response to “AsAble interview of Alastair Ong”

  1. Giang Biscan Says:

    Thanks so much for doing the interview with us. You definitely have a very good story to tell. Please keep us posted with your progress.

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